Wednesday, April 29, 2009


 Chinatown – the cultural hub of the Chinese migrants in  Singapore  is considered as  one of the most well known  shopping destination in the Lion City. the  area  know as  Chinatown is bound by Upper Pickering Street, Cantonment Road, New Bridge Road and South Bridge Road. In  this  area one can find the crowded as well as colorful network of streets and alleys. These streets and alleys give the  area its signature look. In Chinatown  you will find the Chinese vendors hawking their products from the ground floor of old fashioned pre-war shop houses. The commodities that these vendors  hawk  ranges from delicate silk and gold jewelry to Singapore t-shirts as well as some traditional crafts.

Chinatown in Singapore has its own sight and sound. Here you  can find medical halls that mix herbs, spices  and  other exotic ingredients  to  make  potions  for ailments. You can also see fruit sellers selling  a number  of seasonal fruits on the street. There are numerous street food stalls in Singapore as well where the hawkers sell barbecued thin slices of  pork. 

If you  want to taste  some great tea you  can  opt for  any of the  traditional  tea houses in  Tanjong Pagar area. You can also visit the stores of clog and kite makers. You can also shop for the waxed paper umbrellas, artifacts and handicrafts. You can  also  find painted masks  and  lacquer ware from china. These  things  can  make great souvenirs  too.  There are numerous  shopping  streets and  narrow  lanes  in Chinatown in Singapore  where  you  can  get some  great bargains. 

The Chinatown has  recently revamped  its  shopping  scene.  Now you can  find a number of shopping zones  in this area. New  shopping  malls  are being established. The large shopping complexes here includes Chinatown Point, Yue Hwa, People's Park Complex and Chinatown Complex.  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Local Shopping malls in Singapore

When  you are in Singapore do not  forget to  visit some of the local shopping malls there.  There are  a number of suburban  malls  in Singapore where  you can get  a wide array of  choicest  goods for a real cheap  price. There are  ample scopes  for bargaining  at  some of the  shopping malls.  The tourist who  love  shopping  have  time and  again recommended a day of  shopping at the local shopping malls  in  Singapore. The ethnic shopping areas are also very well known. People  also come to pay  a visit to the  ethnic  shopping scenes in Singapore where  they  can  get a wide variety of  handcrafted  intems made  by different  ethnic groups who live in Singapore.

The suburban malls in Singapore have also drawn the interest of the foreign tourists. These kinds of shopping malls have mushroomed everywhere in this beautiful island country. These shopping malls can be seen especially in some housing estates such as Bishan, Tiong Bahru, Woodlands, and Boon Lay. All of these shopping malls are likewise accessible via the MRT which runs both underground as well as above ground. These malls basically serve the needs of the residents of the housing estates. You can find relatively lower priced labels in these malls.  Practically each of these shopping malls house supermarkets, cosmetics stores, pharmacies, as well as health equipment shops.

A visit to any of these shopping malls can give you a detailed idea of the way of shopping of the people in Singapore. In these shopping  malls  you can  get some of the  most  choicest of  things  at  an  unbelievable price. Unlike  the high end market  places where you  will get  imported  good you can ge t the  local made  products in these shopping  malls. Shopping at these shopping malls can be an amazing experience. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bugis Street in Singapore

If  you  love  shopping and  have  interest for  collecting unique  things at a cheap price  then  you  will love visiting  Singapore.  Here you will find a number of shopping areas  that offer you  a variety of  goods  at an unbelievable price.  There are numerous shopping zones in  Singapore  where you  can  have an  amazing shopping experience. Bugis street is one of the busiest shopping  streets in Singapore. This  street  is  located at the  Little India  area of the Lion City. during  your  trip  to  this  part  of the  city you are definitely going to have  an amazing  shopping experience. 

At  present, Bugis Street has refurbished itself by providing protected walkways as well as air conditioned shopping zones. At  present  you  will find over 600 stalls in this area. This  area offers a diverse mix of trendy as well as functional street wear, food  stalls and cafes, street food and services. it is  possibly noted among  the best known areas in Singapore.  At Bugis Street you  can still get the distinctive street shopping feel. 

When you are in Bugis district, do not forget to drop into OG Albert. It is situated at a stone throw distance from the Bugis MRT station. OG is a popular name in shopping scene  in Singapore. OG is the one-stop family store.  Whether you are looking for fashion, jewelries, accessories, watches, toys, food, household items or anything else you are sure to get it at OG. And the best part is that you are going to get a value for money deal here. 

You can also drop into Parco Bugis Junction. It is also a  well known shopping destination on  Bugis Street. It is the first glass covered air conditioned shopping street in Singapore. The shopping street has  a eclectic mix of  shop houses, retail  outlets, departmental  stores and  a Cineplex. There are also  small  shops that offer everything from electronics to  knick knacks. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Orchard Road

The well known focal point of shopping in Singapore is known as Orchard Road, a extravagant street that is said to be the shopping avenue of Asia. It is an undoubted buzzword among tourists from all over the world who visit Singapore. The shopping malls in this avenue are packed alongside one another. These shopping malls mostly stock and sell imported goods. It is said to be a consumerist heaven. Orchard Road is also full of imported designer labels as well as chic couture. You can also find electronic goods, home furnishings, and a whole lot more in this classy shopping avenue. You can also  opt  for some relatively cheaper buys. These  buys are also available for apparel and accessories. Prices of these goods are comparable to those in the West.

If  you  have   money  and  want  to splurge it on shopping then  the Orchard Road  is the  best place to be.  There are a wide array of shops and shopping malls. In these shopping malls you can  get  anything  from the latest  gadgets to  latest labels of  designer wear. This is surely the best place to enjoy the pure bliss named shopping.  It  is undoubtedly  the  best  place  to shop in Singapore.

You can get to the Orchard Road in  Singapore via the Orchard and Somerset MRT stations. Walking down the  street  is probably the best as well as the most enjoyable way to explore Orchard Road. You can soak in the atmosphere and hunt for the all the best deals along the way in this road. Along with Orchard Road, Marina Bay and HarbourFront are the leading shopping clusters in Singapore.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping in Singapore

If you are a shopaholic then you are going to have a great shopping experience in Singapore.  A leading financial center, Singapore is home to a number of shopping destinations. There are a wide array of stores, shopping malls and departmental stores in Singapore. In these stores you can have   a wonderful shopping experience.  If you have   money and are willing to spend some on shopping then Singapore is the best destination for you.  Here you can enjoy a wide range of shopping experiences that are as vivid and enjoyable as the city-state itself.

During your trip to Singapore do not forget to visit Bugis Street a popular shopping street in Singapore. This shopping street is flanked by air-conditioned shopping zones and sheltered walkways. In this street you can get everything from street wear to food and other items. OG Albert is another well known shopping destination in Bugis District.
If you want to buy ethnic Indian Items then Little India in Singapore is the ideal place to shop. For amazing Chinese items you can visit the shops in Chinatown in Singapore. Here you can shop for a wide variety of Chinese goods ranging from clothes to daily items. 

Geyland Serai is the ideal place to pick up Malaya items which includes textiles, clothes and jewelries.  You can also visit Kampong Glam and Arab Street for the unique bazaar style shopping experience.  In this area you can also make some great bargains. You can get a wide array of trinkets and keepsakes at this area of Singapore. 
If you want to enjoy the shopping mall experience in Singapore you can head straight to Marina Bay where you can find a number of opulent state of the art shopping malls. Orchard road and river side are two other well known places in Singapore where you can enjoy a great shopping experience. Singapore suburbs are also great place to shop.